Closer Look : Rumor (Nana Benyin Quarshie Curtis)

Rumor – Nana Benyin

So I decided to take a closer look at one of the artists I really admire and see as a great addition to the music scene in Ghana, even he and his crew might be the ones so much needed to propel the industry to its next stage. Usually I would write a biography from my point of view about the act under my radar but he’s a short bio as put together by Rumor himself.

Rumor has it that he is the deepest rapper to come out of Ghana in the last five years. Barely a young adult, this thought provoking rapper plays in his own league.

Born to Mr Robert Okai, Quarshie and Matilda Provencal, he has a sister and a brother, studied Accounting at The Institute Of Professional Studies (IPS).

Born Curtis Nana Benyin Quarshie, better known as Rumor, only his inner circle knew he could rap. His foremost introduction to Hip Hop came in 1999 when he bought a copy of Obrafour’s legendary debut, “Pae Mu Ka.” That coupled with a fondness for Reggie Rockstone set him on his road to becoming an active player in the rap game.

Rumor’s defining moment came when he switched from singing to rap. He started out by miming to the Rawkus Records Project “Lyricists Lounge.” The album comprised acts like Killa Priest, Mos Def, Common and Talib Kweli.

Overt time, his influences grew to cover acts like KRS One, Jay Z, and Lupe Fiasco. 
At 14, he penned his very first verse and took off from there. His writing skill is fueled by an undying predilection for literature.

At Pope John Senior High School, he teamed up with K-Yos, Loonee and Boyd to form the group “Arms of War”. They dropped their first mixtape, “The New Era,” which went on to cause a stir in the high school circuit.

Impressed by Rumors’ consciousness, Jayso recruited him to the Skillions. Jayso has the young act so far, walking him through the game since he joined Skillions in 2007.

The first major commercial success in Rumor’s career came in 2009 when he collaborated on the Skillions New Generation Mixtape. The effort gave him the chance to share the stage with giants like Sway, Lethal Bizzle and Donae’o.

As a christian, Rumor has come from just penning lyrics for the sake of art to shedding light. Appalled by the obscenities in hiphop music, his EP, “Fans Friends And Followers” promises to entertain and educate.

*The album is set to be released on February 20th, 2012. Two singles, “My Epitome”, and “Hectic” have been released from the album

NB: * The album talked of has already been released. And if you’re wondering how such a talented Hip-Hop artist got to be named ‘Rumor’, well he gives an explanation via his Tumblog, Rumor Has It:

Um…I named myself “Rumor” at about the end of the first term of my first year in senior high school. I was literally dragged on stage by a senior who had discovered my rhyme book some days before the second entertainment night in Pope John Senior High School, 2004. The good thing was that most students couldn’t remember my face after that night and the senior who gave me away had promised to protect me.

I told him emphatically that I wanted none of the notoriety. He kept his word and managed to shut some of his friends who knew up. Apparently I tore the stage up like no SS1 student ever had. I gave people something to talk about for the next few weeks… It felt good hearing comments on my performance and questions about me almost everywhere and every time; the bush canteen; dormitories; in the classroom; manual work hours. All that coupled with growing up in an era where it was really cool to have a nickname, I chose “Rumor.”

And yes it looked good on paper and sounded pretty good to my 15year old ears.


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