Another Vision Of Hell, Gaddafi & Whitney Houston Are There Already

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I’m so much of a Christian maybe not so much to the fanatic extent but I am a Christian, devout by all means possible, I try to uphold moral righteousness and I do a fair job at that I must say. But I’m one of the many people who groove to Wacko Jacko’s tunes, Billy Jean still a favorite and I find it qiute preposterous that someone will be in hell becuase he listened to Jackson’s songs or Whitney Houston’s. Don’t you too? And even earlier prophecies had seen people ranging from the late Pope John Paul, Selena Gomez to our own Suzzy Williams.

A recent vision by a girl named Philipa Kuranchie add’s late Muammar Gaddafi to the list of people occupying hell already. I find it hard to believe, but who am I, a mere mortal to judge who’s righteous or not? I just find better ways to live my life. Read the full vision as narrated by Philipa Kuranchie


Today 30th May, 2012 whilst praying with my parents in the afternoon, the LORD told me to lie down. And when I did, I saw myself in a very dark place. I asked the LORD, FATHER, please where are we? The LORD then told me that we were going to hell. As we got to the entrance of hell, I felt the heat and the odour so much that I nearly fainted. As we got closer the scent became unbearable.The LORD held my hand tightly as we entered hell.

The LORD took me to a place where a certain lady was. I felt as if I knew this lady the LORD told me to look at her face very well and I figured her out to be Whitney Houston. She was being tormented by many demons. She had a burnt and

Whitney Houston

nasty hair and was also being forced to take in acid from a bottle. She was crying bitterly. I could really feel her torment so much as I looked into her eyes but there was nothing I could do.

Dear one, we shouldn’t forget that it is written “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this judgment.”Heb. 9:27

Michael Jackson

From there, the LORD took me to a place in hell where I saw a young boy who was there because he wanted to be like Michael Jackson. The unfortunate thing is that, the LORD told me the Parents even supported him. He learned to dance and be like Michael Jackson. Little did he know that death will soon knock athis door and now hell is his final destination.

When the LORD and I were on our way to this place, I saw some group of girls being tormented seriously. The LORD told me that, that is where prostitutes are. The LORD JESUS told me that “they traded their bodies for money but they didn’t know that they were trading it for hell instead“.

The LORD took me to where Muammar Gaddafi was.I saw him being tortured by demons. He was really suffering. I could see that he had really regretted not given his life to the LORD Jesus but it was too late.

Lastly, We went to a place where I saw many, many pastors going through a whole lots of torment beyond description. I asked myself why is it that, unbelievers dieand go to hell and Pastors too die and go to hell? Very sorrowful.

Brethren, do not go to hell so that after going through the painful ordeal there, you will regret bitterly and say ‘had I known’. Please, the world has nothing good to offer you. Don’t sell your soul to the enemy. JESUS loves you.

Finally the LORD told me,


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49 thoughts on “Another Vision Of Hell, Gaddafi & Whitney Houston Are There Already

  1. This is another warning to the body of christ. I believe Whitney houston was a whore, drug addict and alcoholic. Whitney is in hell. Gadaffi was a wicked murderer. The bible says all murderers, drunkards and whoremongers will find their part in the lake of fire. Gadaffi was an evil monster and is in hell. Take heed, christian folks. Hell is real.

    • No. why would God, who loves a child more than his parents, allow the boy to suffer for eternity? What purpose would that serve for the boy, for God, for us? GOD is not a cruel eternal tormentor. and why is the boy being punished for poor guidance from his Parents!? And why does everybody seem to have equal punishment? Gaddafi was far worse than Whitney but her torment seems the same. Stories like these drive people away from the Church. God is not evil. He is love and wants you to be saved.

      • thats a lie. Stories like these do not drive people away from the true church. If you leave because of a story like this it’s because you were already on your way out and couldn’t handle the truth. God wants us to be saved, yes, but he cannot tolerate any sin. People will be sent to hell for their rebellion. No one will escape God’s judgement, including you.

  2. i didn’t know God was into the tourism business. Giving personal guided tours of hell? That’s a new one.
    What on Earth have these people been smoking? Probably the same thing that Snoop Dogg smoked just before he became Snoop Lion

      • if you’re looking for some biblical explanation for this phenomenon, you can look up the book of Joel chapter 2 verse 28 in the bible. i encourage you to read/listen to the testimonies i mentioned in my comment below which are available on the internet including youtube. please study these testimonies and repent bcos upholding moral righteousness (whatever that means is not enought to save you from ehll

  3. I appeal to every human being living on this earth to surrender their lives to Jesus christ and to accept Jesus christ into their hearts as their personal lord and saviour. Satan offers people no free gift. Satan gives you fame, wealth, popularity, honour but cheats your soul in hell when you die. Satan is just deceiving you. Satan does not love you. Satan only wants to destroy your soul in hell when you die. Enjoyment, fame, wealth, riches, stardom, popularity on earth is temporal and fleeting. Your decision to follow Jesus christ is eternal. Decide to forsake the world and come to Jesus christ, the saviour of your soul. Do not choose hell. Many people are going to hell every day. Change your destiny. Believe in the lord Jesus christ and you shall be saved. Religion cannot save your soul from hell. Only Jesus christ can save your soul from hell.

  4. Yes life is too shot you never know the day to die,so let us be prepared Jesus is around the coner,and his is ready to divert us from real hell through repentance.Amen

  5. Satan is the King of Deceiver.. Don’t let this monster ruin your soul by exchanging yourself to fame, money and wealth.. Jesus Christ is the only Saviour.. Amen!

  6. we live a sinless life-thats the only way to see God.For without holiness no one will see the Lord.Visit and it will help you-he is a true servant of God!

  7. I am sorry but I just do not believe this story one bit. Do I believe that this really happened and that this girl really saw MJ and countless others in hell? Yes I do however I have read another story of someone else who saw MJ in heaven. I see so many stories where one person comes up and says they were sent to hell and saw countless people while other stories I read tell the same exact celebrities only to be seen in Heaven. It is impossible for me to live my life based on a near death experience when they always contradict one another! They can’t all be correct. Yes I believe these stories are for real but not for one second am I going to randomly make a huge change in my life because someone told me this is what they saw when the person standing next to them had the exact opposite experience when they left their body. It’s impossible to tell which one of the 2 stories would be the correct one and which one was just either made up or not real! That is just my take on this anyways.

    • I agree. And u know what people, all of this makes you afraid, but of who? I’m sure it’s not invoking the fear of God but of HELL. And also, try to remember that God speaks to people through visions, yes. But he warned that there will rise up false prophets who will try to decieve his people. Instead of just automatically believing in this, please just ask God to guide and protect u n ur loved ones and go on your way. These stories are truly convincing, especially b/c it involves the Lord. But MY soul tells me, this is not true.

      • You know what i am thinking,all this NED is all in people minds.If i remember correctly,if a person die,dont they go to a place(sheol) and wait for judgement day.Another thing that is funny is that the demons seems to enjoy themselves in hell.Wasnt hell designed for them and the devil to burn in eternity?

    • Think about it this way. Someone has to be right and someone has to wrong. You can’t just not believe anyone because they contradict each other. You have to believe someone. You can’t live in a box.

  8. You cares if MJ is in heaven or hell? The question is if heaven or hell is real, where will you end up? The dead are dead. You who are living, if all this is fake don’t worry, but if it is real, it is you who will be sorry. Would you rather believe in Jesus and die and nothing happens then don’t believe in Jesus and die and hell is welcoming you. He is the only way.

  9. @Roiskid nd John. Ask your selfs. At first why am I in this page? Why did I even read it? You did not get into this page on style but Jesus made you get in it so you will be saved. I am from a far country Nigeria. Why did i get here or how did I get here is because he wants to save me from all my sins and hell and you too. Jesus loves every body. If you have you bible read john 3:1 till the end. Roiskid, john. Repent and be saved by Jesus no matter how ur big ur sin is, he will have mercy of you if you seek him. And to every body who reads. God bless you and Jesus loves you.

  10. Selena gomez is still alive dumbass, u meant selena Q. Perez, and mj repented three weeks before he died. But Whitney Houston, I can believe that. Still, even if u dont think it could exist, what happens if it did? How r u going to control what happens in the spiritual realm?

  11. D world is filled wit evil,our lord Jesus weeps on his throne for d lost of man kind,d bible said bhold I come nd Everi1 wil b payed accordly.jim Reeves,said dis world is nt my home,but jst passin through? D journey of life (world) determine ur place of destinations.if dose in hell wre sent back on earth,it wuldnt bother them to be d most sick,miserable,pervert nd poor on earth but instead spread d gospel abroad.let’s learn from dre’s mistakes.the bible emphasized more of hell than heaven.why nt AV a moment of silent nd tink of ur live on earth nd dre afta. I tell u time is short.

  12. only Holies are expected to have part in God’s kingdom. What i know is that these people didn’t even believed Jesus while they was still alive…

  13. Jesus is the way , truth and life. No one comes to the Father except by him. There is no other name by which men must be saved but the name of JESUS. It is no joke bloggers. Every knee, whether of things in heaven, things on earth or things on under the earth (hell) shall confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. It is safest to be on Jesus side. For what will benefit a man (woman included) to gain the whole world and loose his soul in hell forever. I have decided to follow Jesus and I will never turn back again.

  14. @roiskid: she’s not the only one. a young lady named linda ngaujah says she saw whitney houston and gaddafi in hell. a teenager from ghana named emmanuel agyarko also says he was shown gaddafi. in 2009 a teenage girl from ecuador says she saw micheal jackson inhell.

  15. if you’re looking for some biblical explanation for this phenomenon, you can look up the book of Joel chapter 2 verse 28 in the bible. i encourage you to read/listen to these testimonies mentioned above which are available on the internet including youtube. please study these testimonies and repent bcos upholding moral righteousness (whatever that means is not enought to save you from ehll

  16. that is true!I was also once taken to hell.I found myself descending with a great speed in a pity.It was dark and horrified!Painful,frighten screams and cries from demons ,being tormented by the anger from God,met me!God did not allow me to reach at the bottom

  17. It hurts me deeply to read stories about Michael Jackson burning and screaming in agony for help. If you’re reading this chances are you’ve read the other stories claiming it too. I’m someone who knows about Michael Jackson. I know he talked about God in much of his music. it would be hard to find a single line in his lyrics that goes against God. If these people aren’t lying, I’m havinf trouble figuring out what Michael Jackson did to end up in hell. I* know there are gonna be people who say “well he molested children…” those people need to look up the facts, because the facts point to him being framed. This idea that Michael sold his soul to the Devil.. don’t you think the Devil would have offered him a better deal than to be torn apart here on earth by the media and the courts? I am suspicious about what they’ll use his image for now that he’s gone, but while he was alive his words were about God. And if he’s in hell someone please tell me why. It doesn’t make any sense. Is he paying for what they’ll use him for now that he’s gone? Did he somehow let it happen?

    • Let’s check out how MJ died. Did he drug himself with prescription drugs and die or did his doctors overdose him accidentally?. If he overdosed himself. Then what makes him an exeption to hell?

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