[POEM] All I Wanted Was To Talk

Wandering alone one night,
Having lost a casual friend.
I walked into a strange new place,
Waiting for the night to end.

Was looking for a little chat,
For one to pass the time.
Escaping real world sameness,
Not knowing who I’d find.
My heart was on a different path,
One unknown to me.
Wrapped up tight inside my soul,
Needing love quite differently.
I wasn’t really seeing,
The other people there.
This wasn’t where I’d look,
To find someone to care.
I was looking for distraction,
To play the flirting game.
It was then that she kissed on me,
Nothing spoken and no name.
Now I’ve been kissed before,
By women wanting passion.
I would not call it sharing though,
Most lacking real compassion.
I thanked her then most openly,
For sharing something sweet.
Her quick reply changed the game,
My heart did skip a beat.
All I wanted was to talk,
Though my heart was needing more.
The loving that we shared from there,
Was like none I’d had before.
She sent me pretty pictures,
Her writing, and her scent.
I’ve never felt so filled,
With comfort and content.
We both were very married,
Attached to other lives.
Yet we longed for each other,
Where what’s missing came alive.
She’s not some hot replacement,
For the sharing that I’ve missed.
She’s my lonely lover,
Wanting held and softly kissed.
So very many times,
I reach out for the phone.
To tell her that I love her,
Not wanting her alone.
This passion that’s inside of me,
Makes me crazy for her touch.
How could one small kiss,
Consume me all this much?
I’m not given to take lightly,
The passions in my heart.
I want this woman near to me,
I never want to part.
My head spins with thoughts of her,
Makes it difficult to think.
Her scent engulfs my senses,
She’s my thirst…she’s my drink.
Together we make new colors,
Words cannot describe.
The pressures of our worlds,
That try to wipe aside.
Our colors red, white, blue, indigo will prevail,
Held in cracks and in creases.
She makes me feel complete – exploded,
In a million little pieces.


Dedicated To Shelle Asante @Yaa_Mama

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