She drove off in a silver BMW and took everything with her. The waving black hair in the wind. The kisses, the dog that wouldn’t shut up. She took that ass. She took my money. But most importantly, she took that ass.

Fifteen long years and there I see her go. Not even getting a final glimpse. Me in my boxer shorts and not much else. Only realising now just how cold it is by, well, the way a man will know that it’s cold.

She dove off and took everything. I would watch her walk away after we had met for coffee.

Now I had to watch her leave me.

My new girlfriend was asking me in the back “Do you know her?”

“Are you ok?” she asked me somewhere behind me. Somewhere far away she echoed as I saw the streak of silver flash and a torrent of long black hair wave goodbye at me; tentacles unruly and wild.

Red coat, eyes in the rear view mirror, black eyes covered by shades. She was gone.

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