On Freemasonry In The Ghanaian Music Industry – Pure Ignorance

The saying that if you want to kill a black man, please put whatever it is in a book is very true, as some Ghanaian musicians are confirming it in a more simple way by displaying a high level of ignorance swagging with the Freemason society signs.

By far the biggest ignorance any musician can show is to flip the freeman signs either in public, in music videos or during a performance without knowing what he is doing. Read a little my people and you will never be that shallow.
NanaYaw18.com had a chat with some musicians of whom we will for the benefit of helping their images withheld their names and we realize these guys flip the signs without even reading about them or knowing the power it carries.
Apart from the peace sign that is often used, musicians in this country do the other signs probably the JAY Z’S and the Kanye West flips in their music videos and during their performances hence our musicians being huge fans of these same artiste like themselves do the exact signs they do with a very myopic mind.
We asked them if they first of, understand the signs they flip and the answer they gave us is not just funny but goes down to show how ‘stupid’ and shallow minded they are when it comes to the profession they have chosen.
One artiste said, to him the Freemason signs are used to beautify videos, performances and will help you go international.
WHAT? International, how can a sign or symbol of a society send you to international levels? Maybe the artiste thinks by flipping those signs the Freemason world will come for him as a new member.
Another narrow minded answer we had was from this heavy weight hip life rapper who said, well he does not even know the signs he has adopted is the Freemason sign. He says and we quote: ‘I have not read about the Freemasons either do I know anything about them, for me I love Kanye West hence I try to mimic things he does’. Is this a joke, we asked because if it is, then it fine but if it is not then, OMG, MUSIGA needs to organize a school for its members for lack of knowledge its members perish.
Check out the most useless of all, this RnB singer in Ghana says, ‘what I know is that the people in the Freemason world are fearful, I also heard (not confirmed) names like Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihana, among others are all in that society and every time they are asked they deny hence they are fearful so in doing same here, I also get to be fearful in the eyes of fans and get more media’.
Seriously speaking, we were not only disappointed but we saw how our celebrated musicians think, and their level of education. How can you be walking in the world blind? Another one said, ‘we know Ghanaians can talk hence in getting them to talk about us more to make us so popular, we have decided to flip the signs in all our appearances just to get the mouth going, for the more they talk, the more popular we become which is good for our music.’
NanaYaw18.com throws the word – SHAME on all those celebrities we spoke to us on Tuesday during our push to find out if our musicians understood the signs they use and also the meaning of the Freemason signs.
Why do something you have little or no idea about. Could that be the very reason why one female musician dressed her band men and herself like Egyptian Goddess during a concert. Could that also be the reason why one icon in the country flips the three fingers sign in a picture pose with a foreign artiste while the foreign artiste has a normal peace sign.
The level of ignorance among our musicians in the country is growing too fast and needs education, for it is sad to act like someone while others are trying to act like you, it means you are misleading yourself and your followers.

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