Untitled Story – In Response To Aloof Tsatsu

Innocence was taking deep breaths, the time between each shortening with each step. He reached out and tugged his black jacket closer around his shoulders. It was a chilly night.
There was a full moon, and it provided the only light along the tarred road. The
streetlights had long been destroyed by the wayside robbers who prowled this route, and hadn’t been replaced by whoever was supposed to be in charge.

“And we claim we are being ruled democratically”. I knew he was speaking to me but I had no time to listen to Innocence go on and on about all the political bullshit happening around. Tentatively, I slowed down my pace so I wouldn’t catch up with him early, he must have realized I was not in the mood for talking – he went off muttering to himself blending into the darkness. What I was in the mood for, was a meal.

Once in a while a taxi would roar by, its headlights making it look like some amber-eyed monster. I used to make wild desperate dashes at them but Innocence had assured me we will be getting our fill soon. I wanted to know how soon, we had been walking for over 3 kilometers now and had not come to see human being – dead or alive. The bush on one side of the road was filled with the music of crickets, and the occasional sound of some creepy-crawly moving within the undergrowth. This was the scene for a perfect horror
movie – or a mugging.

“Hey you”, a voice said. “You know the directions to New Ejisu?”

Innocence looked towards the bush as it ruffled and paved way for a rough looking fellow, whose hand were at work fastening his trouser buttons. I could only imagine what he was doing in there. He stood between us significantly obstructing my view by a massive chest in a black and white stripped muscle shirt. I wasn’t a shrimp, not by a far cry, but this guy reminded me of a figure I had on TV. Might be the guy called “Great Khali” from those rigged WWE matches. The air reeked heavily of weed. The thug squinted right through me, for a split while, I thought he could see me through my invisibility spell.

The figure stepped into the moonlight and turned to face Innocence, who I believe, much against his own will, gulped. The guy’s dark, hard face had a long scar from the right side of his forehead to his cheek clearly wasn’t what Innocence has planned for us to meet. I could tell this character was a robber as his red eyes quickly went over Innocence’s jacket and black knapsack, the Tag Heur and moved back to the black Levis and expensive Nikes Innocence had decided to sport against my directive. A sly looking grin twisted the already dangerous looking features of the robber as Innocence shared a confirmatory wink with me.

“You’d have to walk along the road till you get to the crossroad junction, then you turn right.” Innocence replied.

“Since you seem to be going there I hope you don’t mind if I tag along?” the smile appeared again, the scariest attempt at affability he’d ever seen. Innocence couldn’t say no, he wouldn’t dare. The giant took his time walking, and Innocence had to shorten his stride to accommodate him. I, as usual, stayed at the back, my hunger was weighing me down and every sensory perception I had was concerning feeding.

Innocence had engaged into a light chat with the fellow. His name was Gideon, but everyone called him “Shotta”, he said. He inquired after Innocence’s name, and where he was staying. He also said he was from the nearby nightclub and had gotten lost on his way home, and that Innocence was the only one he’d seen that night. I hurried to catch up with them; I would not risk staying far from Innocence, now that we have found a willing tag-along. Was it a trick of the moonlight, or did I see a grin when Innocence told Shotta he didn’t stay anywhere around here?

“Don’t move!” Shotta barked.

Innocence froze, just as he asked. The moon had chosen this time to hide his face in a cloud, as if terrified of what was to come. Even the crickets in the bush had gone silent. They were alone. The blow to his head wasn’t hard enough to knock him out, but he must have seen stars as he fell to the ground.

“That’s so you don’t have any funny ideas. Give me your watch and other valuables before this becomes more painful.” “…For you.” He added as an afterthought. A kick in the ribs made Innocence grunt in pain. “Please I beg”, Innocence said weakly as huge hands grabbed him by his jacket and hauled him to his feet.

Innocence let the jack knife he’d palmed as he lay on the cold road slash across the man’s throat. Shotta stepped back as his blood started to trickle down his neck like a waterfall of wine, his eyes opened in shock. I stood behind him, offering him support, preventing him from tumbling to the floor. He turned around with a shocked expression of gratefulness on his face. I lowered him slowly as I moved my mouth around his neck, breathing in his strong sweaty odor. My tongue hit salt and a layer of dirt, and then my teeth suck deep into his veins. I could feel the very life ebbing out of him as I sucked the essence of life out of him covering his gush on his neck firmly to prevent the blood from spilling on my garment.

Innocence lowered himself and bent over, he plunged his knife into his chest over and over again, even as the man lay still on the road with me around his neck. He knelt by the thug, his arms shaking and breathing hard with exhaustion, but with his famous maniacal grin on his face. He ripped open the man’s shirt and placed the tip of the knife under his left breast, and pushed downwards…

By the time Innocence was done cutting out the heart and testicles from the dead man, he was covered in blood I would have given a million a year ago to lick off him. But I had grown, matured and become more meticulous. He took out the spare clothes in his knapsack and changed into them, wiping the blood carefully off his hands on his soiled clothing.

He wrapped the body parts the fetish priest required for the ritual which would make him live for another month. Innocence was a “kagiyu” – a living dead, who with every kill gained a month of existence. I dragged the body into the bush and caught up with Innocence.

“Why do you always go invisible?” Innocence asked as we continued down the road to New Ejisu. “You know I thought this one was going to kill me back there”, he continued. He sneered; clearly he could see the smirk on my face. I wondered if anyone can actually kill him. I chuckled at the thought, it was like impossible.

The moon was back out now, so we could see well. He tried to whistle an
accompaniment to the crickets’ symphony, and there was a spring in his step as he walked, his sneakers crunching on the gravel as I took to former state dematerializing into the darkness.

The original post was written by a friend here http://alooftsatsu.wordpress.com.

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