On Seeing Nikki Samonas’ Breasts & Jim Iyke Buttocks

To make my point I have to admit that I have a very weird habit of talking to myself out loud in I when I’m alone. Like I’m being interviewed about whatever’s on my mind. Sometimes music, sometimes a point on the news, sometimes writing.

Clearly it’s just my attention-whore soul expressing its repressed desire for me to stop claiming I’ve got nothing to say and have someone ask me about stuff. I do this a lot. The conditions of my life find me alone about seven solid hours a week, so this thing has just popped up. Let’s just call it a way to pass the time.

But today, I was just quiet. I sat, I took in the music and the views, and I was quiet. And as the third, unmentioned thing dictated that perhaps I should try to work on press relations for the upcoming Azonto Festival, I settled into a space where saying nothing just felt better and better. So I consciously decided to send mail and text to all invited press men instead of call them for as much of the day as I could. I read my e-mail, did a very small amount of Facebooking, sent out some press releases. Quietly. I sat in my living room, watched Nickelodeon muted and just listened to the relative silence of being alone. Quietly. Outwardly and inwardly, quiet.

Then I saw a link to an MP4 file with the heading “18 only – Jim Iyke & Samonas sex tape” Ordinarily, I would just overlook the link but I had a thing for Samonas, she was intriguing and I would love to see her naked any day. Despicable me….yes I know. So I clicked, downloaded and watched

I wasn’t dissatisfied. Samonas breasts are wonderful though a little perky and and I was always ok watching Kate Winslet get naked and Jolie get fake banged by Antonio, but it had been made clear that that was the act in Hollywood. But this us Africa where our movie histories have been filled with love and a little decency.

Me saying this will come as wrong and hypocritical to some who claim that the movie industry in Nollywood and “Ghallywood” is just growing, but are we growing the indigenous industry or are just trying to emulate the British, French and American.

I would always watch it and relish every moment of it when any of our local actresses go naked in a movies but instead of making me obsessed  with them like it does with these foreign counterparts, I rather end up seeing them as cheap whores who would do anything for a little fame and a means to sustain their livelihood.

Sorry Nikki…you just another celebitchy.

And if you care to watch the video click here


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