Not A One Night Stand – #WOrgasm

Today I start a new series called #WOrgasm. It deals with story and poetry used to cause sexual stimulation. Your poems are equally invited. I call it #VerbalStimulation. Here’s one such poem. And it crude I know More After The Cut

You keep telling me you want me
To hold you close all through the night
I know that deep inside you need me
No one else can make it right
Don’t you try to hide the secret
I can see it in your eyes
You said the words without speaking
Now I’m going to make you mine!

Give me just one night, a moment to
Be by your side, I’ll give you the time of
Your life!

Your eyes of passion make me crazy
Your existence makes me wild
I wanna loosen up your feelings
see what’s hiding inside

Just give me one more night, come on now baby
Was it just a one night stand?
Did we just use each other?
Or did we relish each other
Hungrily feasting
Tenderly caressing
Provoking, teasing, laughing
Moaning with desires fulfilled

And finally exploding with joy
Into a union wonderful and complete
You looked at me with wonder
And I looked at you with incredible joy
Can man and woman find fuse as one
So completely as we did
And yet, what now?
Was it just a one night stand?

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