Verbal Stimulus

As you walk into the room I pull you by the waist. Your body against mine, our faces separated only by our breath. I lean in and kiss your cheek, my hands sliding down your back to your ass, fingers pressing against your skin. My lips find their way to yours as my arms reach down to lift you up.

Your legs wrapped around my waist I walk over to the wall that your back now lays on. My teeth pull on your lip slowly as my mouth now travels down to your neck, kissing, licking and biting. My arm gripping your body tightly, I go from your chest to you waist, my hand unbuttoning your pants. My teeth pull them down, as quickly as they can.

My face dives between your legs, my lips and tongue frolicking the insides of your thighs. I can see your panties, wet, your hands finding the back of my head, pushing it in. I take off your underwear and see a drop cowering down your leg. I lick it up, after which my lips and tongue intertwine with your own set of lips, finding their way to your clit.

My finger starts rubbing against your walls while my tongue flicks away in circles. Your body starts moving, your breathing accelerates, you’re getting wetter, you moan, you groan, you weep, you… Cum

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