Because I Must (Writing Process Blog Tour 2014)

Surprisingly I was tagged in an ongoing blog tour by @_Tsatsu. I was surprised. For one, I had barely written anything on my blogs for sometime now. And two, I seemed to focus mainly on my books aka manifestos.

But as an afterthought, I’m not surprised, I guess the content in my manifestos still count as writing. No?

There’s basically four questions I have to answer. Very simple questions that required more thought now than I concurred earlier when I set down to write this. Well, here goes…

What am I working on?

Lots. Literature-wise, I’m working on my 5th manifesto. The other four being “Creating Art“, “Innovate“, “Making Ideas Happen” and the “Sex & Cash Theory(Clicking the titles will download the PDF versions, Sex and Cash is by request only, contact me). Technology-wise, I’m creating a platform where Ghanaian creatives can sell digital goods, art, ebooks, music, etc. Event-wise, I’m planning a photography festival with the good guys at EDGEFifty3. Hush…. it’s supposed to be a hush-hush issue but the name is Gold Coast Photo Festival, a bit long…catch us at #GCPhoto.

What make my work unique?

Nothing. I don’t see my work as unique, I draw inspiration from the people I read and as @KinnaReads would say, I tend to write like them. (This is why most people say I write like I’m British, it’s because I rarely read African literature, but that is changing) My writing however is direct, forthright and personal, my friend Jermaine uses the word “acerbic“. I must agree.I write very lewd and sexual poetry, speeches on creativity, reviews about entertainment and just about anything that comes to mind.

I write when I feel like it, I might have fallen in love afresh, or broken my own heart…  Whatever it is, my current situation is most likely to appear in my poetry and my fantasies in my prose. Which is why my recent poems are a bit suicidal and prose; all about incest. (Sorry, you  don’t know what it is to have a cousin like Freda, she practically tempts you)

Why I write?

This is one is simple…because I must. Yeah, that’s is. I write to keep my sanity, I write my sins to prevent myself from committing them. I write to show my love to Queen E, I write to show my dislike for JDM’s way of running Ghana. I write to inspire creativity. I write because it feels right to put a voice to my thoughts. I write puns because I like them.

Writing Process?

It’s continuous, the process never ends. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so my writing is always being edited. I’m not the kinda person to put my writing out there unless I think it is perfect. But unlike, Efo Dela, I don’t discard my writing, not even a line. I keep them all, until a day comes along and it fits somewhere perfectly, and that day always comes.

That’s fairly it… You can get a bit more of my creative process by reading my manifestos.

And now, I pass it on to @NDamoah, and @bisola_inexile aka Amma Konadu. They inspire me for various reasons. Reasons so much that writing them, might bring about another Anne Rice book.

(PS, and talking  of Anne, if you own an Anne Rice book or Stan’s, pls hit me up on Twitter)

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