Celebrity Journalist, Web Developer, Designer, Acerbic Critic, making big things happen from small beginnings.

A plain, taking a bold step, a student doing what he knows best to do; talk about other people.

Indefinably simple, the guy behind those rumors. I prefer working behind the scenes to prevent death threats.

And oh I write what I see, they way it looks to me.

I see myself as a quasi-poet, one who writes when he feels like it, well maybe that’s just like all poets, but what I truly mean to say is that I’m better at making money, thus I’m an entrepreneur. I choose Yeezy over Weezy and Nas over Hova, you catch my drift? I like the finer things in life.


The Blogger

I am Sena Quashie Richard, from Accra, Ghana. I am developer, no, not software engineer, just a developer (Web & Mobile), an Economist by profession (hopefully), a Poet by passion and a Publicist by choice. I do write short stories.


The Blog

I started this blog because I needed a place to post my poems for others to critique or to enjoy.  This is because I’m such a careless person I’ve lost numerous poems and with WordPress’ free hosting I can keep them here and just hope I don’t forget my password. With time it has developed into a place I share my views on many things that fascinate me around me. There are poems still hidden somewhere


I Live On The Internet Follow Me Around

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