I’m Done Loving You From Afar

I hope you read this, and I hope you understand. I can’t live my life on maybes and has-beens. I’ve worked so hard to earn this solid ground, and I won’t let you take me back down.

And I sincerely hope my silence has already betrayed me.

All thinking is relevant.


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the bubbles rise from the sea into my arm

the blood trickles down
i do this to myself
i say
its for my own good

people will ask
but i’ll just run
from them
the same way
i run from it all

and i had the noose ready
without interruption
i could have been done with it all
i was all so close
it was all in my reach

i could have been gone
by today


In Memoriam – PV Obeng #RIPObeng

Heard about the death of Victor P Osei today. Hearsay has it that he died of asthma. The number of people dying these days who matter, is heartbreakingly increasing.


In birth, all is clear
No doubt about that
In death, all is clear.
What then is ‘all‘?

Baobab tree, now dead
Once stood this tall
And green.

17-May-2014, © Sena Quashie


would someone just be here?
i cant do this all on my own
and you know it
I’m not acerbic

I’m just a pain in the ass
and I’m a handful to deal with
i won’t do what you say
i never try to be good
or even near perfect

i’m always hungry
or tired
or sleepy
i’ll miss the bus
sleep in

get my father angry
get to school
see my friends
ignore the rest
flip them off

walk away
act cool
try to act normal
get back
feel different
but not
be a big pain in the ass


BarCamp Accra ’13 – Now And After (The No Milk Show)

+BarCamp Accra ’13 took place this Monday 23rd December, 2013 at the World Bank. The BarCamps are organized by GhanaThink in various locations and the Accra edition happens to be the first I’ve been to out of the 28 they’ve organized so far.

The long and short of the BarCamp idea revolves around bringing people with the aim of developing Ghana together to network and discuss prevalent issues. The theme for this year’s #bcaccra event was “Exercising ethics to engineer excellence while fighting corruption in Ghana”; a very long and almost verbose way of saying, “how we should fight corruption”.

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One | Erotic Poetry

Looking into the past, present and future
I awaken the passion locked inside
Building up flames as I look into your eyes
And bringing forth all your wildest desires

Like a sweetened piece of ripened fruit
A bee is to honey and this erotic meeting of two bodies.

In my sexual wanton, I’m close to starvation
This is my new beginning now, you see
I want to absorb you, and savor your taste
Manifesting this heated passion and desire as lust

An animalistic passion in its unrivalled reign
With fluids running from their respective channels
There’s a pleasure in our thrust, terminating the pain
On full throttle, a blissfully savage beat without restrain

In and out, deeper, sexual moans and grunting sounds
A one on one match, loud cries with wild sighs surround
A seductive precision accompanying arching moans
Breathing together in no harmonious tones

An orgasmic arrival to griping and sucking sounds
Choked in your tight wetness, supported by the slap of your thighs
I’m releasing life’s liquid deep into your willingness
As we climb to heights, blossomed and bloomed.

A perfect moment, with two people in a passionate tune
Body, mind and soul now calmly rest, catching our breathe
Composed to lie next to each other, two bodies joined naked
As separate cores, not divided in souls; we started as two
Now we end as one.