Saved Or Not – A Short Story

He sat on his perch, the rays caressing his face. She walked past, looking at his neck and the back of his head, dark brown hair cascading down. He was oblivious to her passing him.

They were being watched.

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Verbal Stimulus

As you walk into the room I pull you by the waist. Your body against mine, our faces separated only by our breath. I lean in and kiss your cheek, my hands sliding down your back to your ass, fingers pressing against your skin. My lips find their way to yours as my arms reach down to lift you up.

Your legs wrapped around my waist I walk over to the wall that your back now lays on. My teeth pull on your lip slowly as my mouth now travels down to your neck, kissing, licking and biting. My arm gripping your body tightly, I go from your chest to you waist, my hand unbuttoning your pants. My teeth pull them down, as quickly as they can.

My face dives between your legs, my lips and tongue frolicking the insides of your thighs. I can see your panties, wet, your hands finding the back of my head, pushing it in. I take off your underwear and see a drop cowering down your leg. I lick it up, after which my lips and tongue intertwine with your own set of lips, finding their way to your clit.

My finger starts rubbing against your walls while my tongue flicks away in circles. Your body starts moving, your breathing accelerates, you’re getting wetter, you moan, you groan, you weep, you… Cum

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Untitled Story – In Response To Aloof Tsatsu

Innocence was taking deep breaths, the time between each shortening with each step. He reached out and tugged his black jacket closer around his shoulders. It was a chilly night.
There was a full moon, and it provided the only light along the tarred road. The
streetlights had long been destroyed by the wayside robbers who prowled this route, and hadn’t been replaced by whoever was supposed to be in charge.

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She drove off in a silver BMW and took everything with her. The waving black hair in the wind. The kisses, the dog that wouldn’t shut up. She took that ass. She took my money. But most importantly, she took that ass.

Fifteen long years and there I see her go. Not even getting a final glimpse. Me in my boxer shorts and not much else. Only realising now just how cold it is by, well, the way a man will know that it’s cold.

She dove off and took everything. I would watch her walk away after we had met for coffee.

Now I had to watch her leave me.

My new girlfriend was asking me in the back “Do you know her?”

“Are you ok?” she asked me somewhere behind me. Somewhere far away she echoed as I saw the streak of silver flash and a torrent of long black hair wave goodbye at me; tentacles unruly and wild.

Red coat, eyes in the rear view mirror, black eyes covered by shades. She was gone.

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STORY: Ivana Was The One

It’s too dark in here.  I left the hallway light on but I guess at some point in the night she must have turned it off because it was bothering her. The ceiling fan is twirling wildly and the humming noise exerting from it sounds like a car alarm for some reason, the blades look like they are about to fly off the fucking hooks literally and for reason it doesn’t bother me. I feel around for my phone, I extend both of my arms out to the side and feel nothing, her side of the bed is cool so she must have left a while ago, I kick my foot around until  I feel the familiar shape by my foot. I use my foot to drag it up to me and click the top home button to cascade light into the room, the setting on the phone is way too high and the spill of light illuminates my small room quickly. I blindly see the notifications piled up on my home screen and swipe them away to see the actual time.


5:30 am.




My plane leaves at 8:00 and I’m not even packed yet. Larry will flip out if I miss this flight, Flying first class isn’t cheap – Fuck ‘em. I lay back down and over think the way the night played out – could have been worse, could have been better – Obviously it wasn’t good enough to keep her overnight- but didn’t she say she had shit to do today anyways? Oh well fuck it. I scroll though the missed calls and text messages and scan until I see her name,

text message 4:45 am – Ivana “I got to go, don’t take it personal- I’ll ttyt, have a safe trip”

She’s smart, it was a summed up text, she made it hard to respond with something clever to make it sound like I don’t care that she left without saying anything, guess I’ll wait till I land in Accra to text her back. Make her wait for that text, as Jason says #Boyrules. I don’t want to fucking care that she left, but she just blindsided me again. Last week, out of nowhere, she texted me to come home, I wanted to see her more than I wanted to admit. Fuck who cares maybe she was my rebound after Ann Marie – who still hasn’t fucking called, I wonder if she’s dead actually. My thoughts start to trickle to a new path and somehow I end right back with Ivana telling me not to leave in the first place.


“this isn’t the life you want Roy, you will never be happy out there on your own, you
know I’m not coming with you it’s me or this band .. make your choice”


And I did, I chose my band. The ones that didn’t love me every other days, the ones that didn’t  make me feel stupid for singing in the shower or playing shows when only three people showed up. Ivana was the Epiphany of  a typical girlfriend. She is gorgeous, even more now since I’ve haven’t seen her in years, she grew her hair out like I use to beg her to do, she’s taller than me , great pussy and a killer mouth. She was the girl everyone would love in person; talked to everyone she met, always made friends easily and ran her own successful clothing line. But she was more than that too. She knew me the way no one else can relate, she knew me for good and bad and there was always plenty of bad, Ivana had a way of making you feel like shit and like heaven at the same time, I never would have left if I Larry didn’t approach me about signing and going big and getting out the shit hole town I was in. I was young it was the exact thing I wanted to hear, but not Ivana, she gave me my ultimatum and I made my choice. Until now I haven’t seen or spoken to Ivana in almost four years. Seeing her again just felt right, she’s been here for three days and now I wake up and she’s gone. She came back long enough to trap me into her web just to leave again, she wanted to make sure she still had that grip on me. Fucking dammit. I roll over to my side and reach around on the floor with my fingertips waiting for the contact between my fingers and the cold glass I was searching for, I feel it and grasp the handle and pull it up to my chest, now in a sitting position I take off the lid and pull back two very long hard swallows of Jack. It sears the back of my throat and I can feel the disgusting feeling start to fade, Ivana is of the past, she’s a no one compared to who I am now, yea she has a nice pussy I would be stupid not to fuck her.


My confidence starts to build up again as I take another long hit from the bottle and push myself up out of bed. The thin sheet falls off of my body instantly and I can feel the full blast from the fan now as my nipples harden under my t-shirt. I can smell her sex on me still , so quickly without hesitation I pull the shirt off over my head and shake her out of my mind literally, I use my phone as a flashlight and make my way towards the hallway to the bathroom. I tip toe pass the spare bedroom not knowing if Jason and Drew are still in there and step on something sharp in the process – God damn— are you fucking kidding me! It’s out of my mouth in a scream before I can prevent it and as if on cue Drew bust out of the room in half sleep stage wearing only his boxers. Shock is the only description I can pin to the expression he is wearing as he looks away and at the floor.


Ummm are you ok Roy, I heard you cry out .. just checking” he peeps though his hair at me then looks down again quickly and I have to smile at his attempt to be honorable. ” Yea thanks man, fucking stepped on something, go back to bed I’m fine. Seriously, thanks”. Without looking back I continue to walk to the bathroom and hear the door click behind me within seconds. Good kid, can’t help but think of how the situation would have turned out if he just stood there or better yet if he had followed me.  Good thing he didn’t, I’m in a horrible fucking mood.  I literally hop to the bathroom and lock the door behind me.  I bend over to examine my foot closely and don’t see anything, go figure. I hit the shower to wash the smell of her off of me and to shave every single part of my body that she touched. It was nice rendezvous, but a part of me is glad it’s over.


I turn my Nokia up on loud as one of my favorite songs start to play, and start mentally thinking about what I’m going to pack.

A new day Roy, Let’s fucking rock this shit.

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And That Was It – The Story Of Jake

The dark clouds started rolling in, you could hear thunder on the distance. Jake Amenyo walked down the staircases, worn out from hundreds of years of footsteps. He had dark hair, a clean face and green eyes. He wore a red jacket and jeans.
Jake walked hurriedly down the hall, then stepped into a room. An office. It was quite big. He approached the old man sitting in a desk at the end of the room.

“Ah, Jake”, he said with a scratchy voice, “Are the rumors true? You are leaving us?”
Jake stared at the old man for a long time, finally he talked. “I’m sorry, master, but I can not stay in this cult anymore”
The word cult stirred something inside the old man, “We are not a cult!”
“What else would you call a group that sacrifices children!?”

“We do not sacrifice children! We purify the minds of our brothers and sisters!”

“No, you don’t. I must inform the police, you can not stop me”

“What makes you think there won’t be an accident on the way to the police station?”

“It won’t matter…I have written it in a notebook at home and I have hidden notes in many places. If I were to go missing and the police searches my house, they will find it”.
The old man stared at Jake with hate for a while. Jake exited the room.
2 Hours later, Jake was home.

He rested for a while but couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. Was it possible that the cult might do the something to him? Or to his loved ones? He was only 16, someone could understand that, right? But no, the Brotherhood of Fear kidnapped kids in order to “purify” themselves, there was no limit to what they could do.
The phone rang, Jake grabbed it, “Jake?”, a woman’s voice said, “Is that you”

“Yes, it’s me”

“Stephanie’s gone missing”
At that moment, Jake felt his world stop. Stephanie Agyei, the girl he had known his whole life, was missing.

Jake struggled to find his words,”What…um…Do you have any information on it?”

“Someone wrote the words B-O-F on a piece of paper, but that’s all we have”

Jake hung up.

He ran downstairs, got out of the house, and walked. He knew where he was going. To the headquarters, where they held their sacrifice. He wasn’t going to kill. but he was going to somehow save Stephanie, he had to.
After 30 minutes of walking, he reached his destination. All lights were out which could mean only one thing: the sacrifice had already begun. Jake hurried inside the old church building. He entered the church, and there he saw 20 people, including the old man.

“I see our friend Jake has joined us”, said the old man

Jake looked around to find where they could be keeping Stephanie, finally he gave up, “Where are you keeping her?”, he asked the old man.

The answer soon became obvious as a stone table rose up from the ground. And there, on the stone table, tied up, was Stephanie.

“Let her go”, whispered Jake

“Ah, I wish it was that easy, Jake, but someone must die tonight”

“Then take me and let her go”

Stephanie tried to yell, but she was half-unonscious

“Very well, let her go, we shall kill you instead”

With this, a few people untied Stephanie and carried her outside.Jake trusted them. The Brotherhood was not one to lie.
The old man pulled out a dagger.

“Jake, what you have done here has been very heroic, but I am afraid I must kill you”,

He thrust the dagger at his neck. With this, Jake fell to the floor, dead.

Giving A Fuck….Literally


Lips (Photo credit: Coblat)

I hear the water running as I lay here in bed. My body arching under the softness of the sheets as my fingers trace over the curves you had become so familiar with last night. I smile softly to myself as my thoughts return to those moments. I linger in them only briefly. My desire stirring as I do. I leave the warmth of the bed and search you out.

The door to the bath is open. The steam pours from the shower stall creating a soft cloud. I watch for a moment. My eyes consumed at the sight of your wet body under the water. Your hands moving over every plane and valley as I want mine to be. The soapy bubbles clinging to your flesh as they hate to depart, a feeling I know all too well.

Your head tilts back, leaning into the water. There’s a smile on your face. It draws me in; like every part of you. Pulling at me, teasing me in ways I had never thought possible.

With you so distracted I open the glass door and sneak inside. I want to just stand there and admire but I know you’ll be opening your eyes soon. I smile wickedly to myself before moving to my knees. My lips are a breath away from your length.

What a fine sight you are too. I admire if only for a moment before my tongue reaches out; tasting you.

“What the,” you manage.

My lips close over you, drawing your length into the heat of my mouth. Already you harden; growing with each outward stroke. My eyes rise to find yours. You look down with a bit of unexpected shock but then you grin.

It’s wicked.

It’s evilly delicious.

It’s what every part of me craves.

Your hands delve into my hair. Not tugging. Not pulling. No, not yet. Just there, guiding a bit. You are letting me have my fun right now.

I taste you. Your scent consumes my senses. Filling them and making me even more desperate for more of you. I swirl my tongue around you. Then move to the tip of your length to catch that sweet drop of your essence.

I’m addicted.

I’m lost in my own little bubble.

The feel you still growing harder under the talent of my lips, tongue, and mouth is strong stuff. This bit of power you’ve gifted me with.

My lips travel up and down over your cock. Stoking your length, I take you deeper than the thrust before. I can hear your breathing change. Deepen. My hands cup your balls, feeling them tighten. My mouth wants to pay worship to them as well.

Leaving your length for I moment, I let my tongue wash over them. Devouring you; consuming with a desperate need. Your hands begin to tug, pulling me back up to the head of your hard, glistening length. The water still falls over you, bathing you as I continue my torment.

Only now it’s different.



“That’s it my good girl,” you murmur through tight laced lips.

Over and over my head moves, down every inch of your length. I’m greedy for you. Your hands now fists in my hair. Your hips thrusting forward as you’ve taken back more control. My eyes locked on yours. Heat and need blazing in them, along with a plea.

A plea for you to give in.

A plea to taste all of you.

Every drop.

You do just that. Rewarding me. Gifting me. I swallow you down as though starved for you. Savoring everything you give me. My lips and tongue linger. Content.

Your fingers move in my hair, running through it. Your satisfied smile meeting mine. You help me to my feet. Your hands run over my wet skin; caressing with such wonderful intent just before your lips find mine.

Kissing me with such purpose and intent that my knees give out. You lean me against the tile wall. Your lips near my ear. Softly kissing before I hear you speak.

“Good morning my very good girl. I think though we should head back to bed for the day. Don’t you?”

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