would someone just be here?
i cant do this all on my own
and you know it
I’m not acerbic

I’m just a pain in the ass
and I’m a handful to deal with
i won’t do what you say
i never try to be good
or even near perfect

i’m always hungry
or tired
or sleepy
i’ll miss the bus
sleep in

get my father angry
get to school
see my friends
ignore the rest
flip them off

walk away
act cool
try to act normal
get back
feel different
but not
be a big pain in the ass


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High Love

I was feeling kinda down and as usual I spoke to her to uplift me with her voice. Suddenly we started talking about how I feel when  she calls me and I realized I actually felt sorta high and like my Pastor would say, something in me just felt like writing this. Pardon me if it's not comprehensive.... 


Let me be
Your coke.
Breathe me
Into your system.
Let me course through
Your veins
And leave you…

Let me be your
Draw me into your
Very soul
Let me fill your
Head and heart,
Blur the edges of
Your pain.

I am your
Use me
Anyway you want;
Behind closed doors,
In soft-lit rooms,
With happy-music playing.
Take me into you.

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