Saved Or Not – A Short Story

He sat on his perch, the rays caressing his face. She walked past, looking at his neck and the back of his head, dark brown hair cascading down. He was oblivious to her passing him.

They were being watched.

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Verbal Stimulus

As you walk into the room I pull you by the waist. Your body against mine, our faces separated only by our breath. I lean in and kiss your cheek, my hands sliding down your back to your ass, fingers pressing against your skin. My lips find their way to yours as my arms reach down to lift you up.

Your legs wrapped around my waist I walk over to the wall that your back now lays on. My teeth pull on your lip slowly as my mouth now travels down to your neck, kissing, licking and biting. My arm gripping your body tightly, I go from your chest to you waist, my hand unbuttoning your pants. My teeth pull them down, as quickly as they can.

My face dives between your legs, my lips and tongue frolicking the insides of your thighs. I can see your panties, wet, your hands finding the back of my head, pushing it in. I take off your underwear and see a drop cowering down your leg. I lick it up, after which my lips and tongue intertwine with your own set of lips, finding their way to your clit.

My finger starts rubbing against your walls while my tongue flicks away in circles. Your body starts moving, your breathing accelerates, you’re getting wetter, you moan, you groan, you weep, you… Cum

Not A One Night Stand – #WOrgasm

Today I start a new series called #WOrgasm. It deals with story and poetry used to cause sexual stimulation. Your poems are equally invited. I call it #VerbalStimulation. Here’s one such poem. And it crude I know More After The Cut Continue reading

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Untitled Story – In Response To Aloof Tsatsu

Innocence was taking deep breaths, the time between each shortening with each step. He reached out and tugged his black jacket closer around his shoulders. It was a chilly night.
There was a full moon, and it provided the only light along the tarred road. The
streetlights had long been destroyed by the wayside robbers who prowled this route, and hadn’t been replaced by whoever was supposed to be in charge.

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POEM: Don’t Underestimate Me

Don’t underestimate me;
Don’t think that because I’m short and weak,
You can bring me down.

My soul is as strong as the furious sea can be.
My fist may not carry the strength of Cuchulain,
But the damage my whole being can cause,
Can be compared to the worst ancient battle.

My reflection is of a soft and delicate spring flower.
But inside of me, beats the heart of a warrior.

A beast that at any sign of danger,
Reveals its claws.

I can give you soft kisses;
I can care for you in my arms;
I can give you the world,
Or I eat you alive,
I can swallow you whole.

Don’t underestimate me;
I’m hot as LAVA;
I’m cold as ICE.

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The Lover Viruses

Love. That overly used word yet overly underused emotion. We all hate to admit it but love does happen. In more ways than one.

Everyone dreads being the recipient of a virus, but there’s no harm in studying them, right? So, let us highlight the different types of ‘viruses’ that might have or will soon infect your human CPU over the course of time.

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Happy Moments

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
It sways to the left, right, and into my shallow hilarity.
I never laughed that way to such, there must be some magic to it.
And so, it waves here and there, and I, giggling from ear to ear.

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
I almost tumble and get lost in it with sheer delight,
Until I glance at you, and you’re beaming no where else but at me.
Has anyone told you that you look the cutest with that smile?

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
I turn to it again, yet I desire more glimpse of your face.
I peek at you once more and get an unfaltering effect.
What’s wrong with you? I think, but everything feels so goddamn right.

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
It’s a spectacle, yes, yet something else steals my attention.
If only I can stare back at you and still get that same look,
God, I will do anything to make Father Time freeze the moment!

I remember the fountain danced and I watched it cheerfully.
Looking back, you might be grinning ‘cause I was too petty.
But, heck, who cares if for that I got extremely gratified,
I can insult my intelligence for more rounds of that.

And now…

The Fountain may dance once more and I can watch it cheerfully.
But you smiling right at my side may never happen again.
After the tears and hurtful words that ruined us and our trust,
‘least there are happy moments like this that I can cherish in mind.

On Freemasonry In The Ghanaian Music Industry – Pure Ignorance

The saying that if you want to kill a black man, please put whatever it is in a book is very true, as some Ghanaian musicians are confirming it in a more simple way by displaying a high level of ignorance swagging with the Freemason society signs.

By far the biggest ignorance any musician can show is to flip the freeman signs either in public, in music videos or during a performance without knowing what he is doing. Read a little my people and you will never be that shallow. had a chat with some musicians of whom we will for the benefit of helping their images withheld their names and we realize these guys flip the signs without even reading about them or knowing the power it carries.
Apart from the peace sign that is often used, musicians in this country do the other signs probably the JAY Z’S and the Kanye West flips in their music videos and during their performances hence our musicians being huge fans of these same artiste like themselves do the exact signs they do with a very myopic mind.
We asked them if they first of, understand the signs they flip and the answer they gave us is not just funny but goes down to show how ‘stupid’ and shallow minded they are when it comes to the profession they have chosen.
One artiste said, to him the Freemason signs are used to beautify videos, performances and will help you go international.
WHAT? International, how can a sign or symbol of a society send you to international levels? Maybe the artiste thinks by flipping those signs the Freemason world will come for him as a new member.
Another narrow minded answer we had was from this heavy weight hip life rapper who said, well he does not even know the signs he has adopted is the Freemason sign. He says and we quote: ‘I have not read about the Freemasons either do I know anything about them, for me I love Kanye West hence I try to mimic things he does’. Is this a joke, we asked because if it is, then it fine but if it is not then, OMG, MUSIGA needs to organize a school for its members for lack of knowledge its members perish.
Check out the most useless of all, this RnB singer in Ghana says, ‘what I know is that the people in the Freemason world are fearful, I also heard (not confirmed) names like Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihana, among others are all in that society and every time they are asked they deny hence they are fearful so in doing same here, I also get to be fearful in the eyes of fans and get more media’.
Seriously speaking, we were not only disappointed but we saw how our celebrated musicians think, and their level of education. How can you be walking in the world blind? Another one said, ‘we know Ghanaians can talk hence in getting them to talk about us more to make us so popular, we have decided to flip the signs in all our appearances just to get the mouth going, for the more they talk, the more popular we become which is good for our music.’ throws the word – SHAME on all those celebrities we spoke to us on Tuesday during our push to find out if our musicians understood the signs they use and also the meaning of the Freemason signs.
Why do something you have little or no idea about. Could that be the very reason why one female musician dressed her band men and herself like Egyptian Goddess during a concert. Could that also be the reason why one icon in the country flips the three fingers sign in a picture pose with a foreign artiste while the foreign artiste has a normal peace sign.
The level of ignorance among our musicians in the country is growing too fast and needs education, for it is sad to act like someone while others are trying to act like you, it means you are misleading yourself and your followers.

Shot By A Silver Bullet

They arrived,
Skins; pale as the dying moon
Speech; slurred as the tranced Tsali’s

We were
Our claws retracted
Our growls turned to purrs
The humbled lion’s teeth, now harmless.

They arrived,
Their guns; rusty from idleness.
Their chambers unloaded; bullets astray.

We were
Our frowns; upside down
Our mood; servile and post coital.
Recovering from making love with cotton and silk.

They arrived,
Poised to overtake and control.
Gun chamber; loaded, soldiers; ready.

We were
Our thoughts towards them; guileless
Our guard; let down
Blinded by the silver and cotton.

They came
Guns down

We were
Shot off our golden thrones by silver bullets.

Who Is A Celebrity At All?

Who is a celebrity, a very difficult question. Nobody really knows the meaning.

Wikipedia defines it as: A celebrity, also referred to as a celeb in popular culture, is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media. The term is synonymous with wealth (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public.

Who I think they are:
A person who does hard work, gets noticed, takes the dough, gets fat and doesn’t do anything else. The term is synonymous to Paranola (Paranoid people) who feel the world is ‘attacking them’ all the time and critics are being unjust by criticizing them.

Credit going where its deserved, the people whom we refer to as celebrities have done something good in whatever profession they have chosen, as a sportsman, as an actor, as a comedian, or probably even as a politician now. They are good at what they do and that’s why they are a celebrity.
But the problem lies here – “the people whom we refer to as celebrities have done something good in whatever profession they have chosen” ; and not ‘have done something good in life’.

Don’t misunderstand me. There is a small subtle difference.

Have you seen Spiderman? Haha. Or have you at least heard that famous dialogue somebody now and then keeps repeating?
“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

I wonder how many such “Celebs” have heard about it. I won’t take names and start pointing out, but all of you must be knowing many such instances when celebrities act irresponsibly, and use their celebrity status to get away with it. And sometimes even blame it on us!
“Just cause we’re a celebrity….” Bla bla.

A real life example from the city I live in:
There’s a friend of mine. He’s not that wealthy, say lower middle class if I was to categorize. He and his dad are great movie buffs! They try to see most of the movies in the theatre, otherwise they get ‘em on DVD or something. A new movie was releasing, and my friends dad wanted to take my friend for a preview. These previews are those shows which take place a day before the release at night, and its just one show.

He collected enough money for his family of five and he left to buy the tickets.

Now this is what happened: a man who struggles and works hard 24X7X52X365 stands in the queue, while a celebrity walks in and cuts the line to the front and buys all remaining seats.

Oh, and that celebrity had nothing to do with the movie. He was alone, and bought a row or two I think so that he could sit “alone without disturbance”. Its all true.

Anyways, coming back to the point. Who these demigods are.

Oops, my bad.. Who these celebrities are.

Oops, my bad.. Who these rich people are.

I think its the truth, no matter what you say. If you have money, you can buy it. I’m not talking about “love” and all here. Let’s face it, everything materialistic is pretty significant in life.

To live, they say, you need:


And everything else is a luxury.
Can’t we put a price on everything?
Water, money; food, money; shelter, money; clothing, money… And who knows, soon we might need to pay for unpolluted clean air too.

They are lucky they can afford all this, while many can’t.
Not that I’m blaming them, mind you.

There are many celebrites who work for human welfare and other causes which I respect. But there are many who don’t, too.

I don’t even know why I wrote all this. My thoughts are a bit complicated, and I probably haven’t explained them simply enough here. But still, thank you for reading! And I’d be happy if you too could share your views with me via your comments here. 🙂

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