BarCamp Accra ’13 – Now And After (The No Milk Show)

+BarCamp Accra ’13 took place this Monday 23rd December, 2013 at the World Bank. The BarCamps are organized by GhanaThink in various locations and the Accra edition happens to be the first I’ve been to out of the 28 they’ve organized so far.

The long and short of the BarCamp idea revolves around bringing people with the aim of developing Ghana together to network and discuss prevalent issues. The theme for this year’s #bcaccra event was “Exercising ethics to engineer excellence while fighting corruption in Ghana”; a very long and almost verbose way of saying, “how we should fight corruption”.

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Designers Selected To Showcase Their Work At The Ghana Fashion And Design Week

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (#GFDW) is thrilled to reveal  selected designers scheduled for its SS13 catwalk showcase. This season’s event will deliver an exciting selection of creative designer’s collection during the catwalk shows, a variety of exhibitors hosted at the contemporarily styled PopUp Exhibition Salon during the anticipated GFDW® event, principally sponsored by BlackBerry®. Click to view selected designers here.
Heading the Backstage GFDW® team are international celebrity Make-Up Artist Claire De-Graft, and renowned Hairstylist Bianca Simone Scott, two highly skilled creative fashion experts, who will lead the  team to create the desired looks for the shows.
The much-anticipated event that has garnered international press and buyer’s interest alongside  numerous media features will officially launch in Accra this October. The event will kick off with a line up  of interesting contemporary designers, revealing recently scouted fresh talents with innovative ideas,  selected to showcase their work to a global audience for the first time on GFDW® platform in Ghana.
The catwalk show is scheduled to take place over two days from the 5-6th October 2012, also scheduled to take place over the two days are the trade exhibitions and educative seminars at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, followed by an invite only VIP event on the third day exclusively  sponsored by MOET & CHANDON.
In addition to the line up of activities, selected designers will have the opportunity to be part of GFDW®  Pop-Up Showroom, where potential buyers and press will have the opportunity to view and engage  directly with catwalk designers.
Leading the seminar are a selection of industry experts of various backgrounds, bringing with them to share on the panel invaluable knowledge and skills beneficial to the development of both existing and future creative business practitioners. This first-of-a-kind event in Ghana will see the launch of GFDW ETHIKHA™, an ethical fashion platform which aims to give ethical fashion designers an opening for exposure, and further bringing awareness to their efforts in sourcing and producing in Ghana and other African countries, whilst highlighting both the aesthetics and social value elements ethically produced fashion and products holds in raising social standards in Ghana and Africa as whole.
A wide range of guest will be in attendance including, press, buyers, industry bloggers, celebrities creative students and fashion enthusiast from around the globe to witness a remarkable event that will place Ghana’s fashion and creative industry on the global map. The event will be broadcasted from the heart of the capital to a global audience from TV, Magazines, Radio and Social Media platforms.
GFDW® boasts a list of renowned sponsors including, BLACKBERRY, L’OREAL, SO AESTHETIC, PORSCHE, MOET & CHANDON, VIRGIN ATLANTIC, LARGESS AFFAIR, with international media support from VOGUE ITALIA, alongside NEW AFRICAN WOMAN, FAB MAGAZINE, SHADDERS AFRICA, AFRICAN FASHION GUIDE, AFRICA STYLE DAILY and list of international press coverage.

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STORY: Ivana Was The One

It’s too dark in here.  I left the hallway light on but I guess at some point in the night she must have turned it off because it was bothering her. The ceiling fan is twirling wildly and the humming noise exerting from it sounds like a car alarm for some reason, the blades look like they are about to fly off the fucking hooks literally and for reason it doesn’t bother me. I feel around for my phone, I extend both of my arms out to the side and feel nothing, her side of the bed is cool so she must have left a while ago, I kick my foot around until  I feel the familiar shape by my foot. I use my foot to drag it up to me and click the top home button to cascade light into the room, the setting on the phone is way too high and the spill of light illuminates my small room quickly. I blindly see the notifications piled up on my home screen and swipe them away to see the actual time.


5:30 am.




My plane leaves at 8:00 and I’m not even packed yet. Larry will flip out if I miss this flight, Flying first class isn’t cheap – Fuck ‘em. I lay back down and over think the way the night played out – could have been worse, could have been better – Obviously it wasn’t good enough to keep her overnight- but didn’t she say she had shit to do today anyways? Oh well fuck it. I scroll though the missed calls and text messages and scan until I see her name,

text message 4:45 am – Ivana “I got to go, don’t take it personal- I’ll ttyt, have a safe trip”

She’s smart, it was a summed up text, she made it hard to respond with something clever to make it sound like I don’t care that she left without saying anything, guess I’ll wait till I land in Accra to text her back. Make her wait for that text, as Jason says #Boyrules. I don’t want to fucking care that she left, but she just blindsided me again. Last week, out of nowhere, she texted me to come home, I wanted to see her more than I wanted to admit. Fuck who cares maybe she was my rebound after Ann Marie – who still hasn’t fucking called, I wonder if she’s dead actually. My thoughts start to trickle to a new path and somehow I end right back with Ivana telling me not to leave in the first place.


“this isn’t the life you want Roy, you will never be happy out there on your own, you
know I’m not coming with you it’s me or this band .. make your choice”


And I did, I chose my band. The ones that didn’t love me every other days, the ones that didn’t  make me feel stupid for singing in the shower or playing shows when only three people showed up. Ivana was the Epiphany of  a typical girlfriend. She is gorgeous, even more now since I’ve haven’t seen her in years, she grew her hair out like I use to beg her to do, she’s taller than me , great pussy and a killer mouth. She was the girl everyone would love in person; talked to everyone she met, always made friends easily and ran her own successful clothing line. But she was more than that too. She knew me the way no one else can relate, she knew me for good and bad and there was always plenty of bad, Ivana had a way of making you feel like shit and like heaven at the same time, I never would have left if I Larry didn’t approach me about signing and going big and getting out the shit hole town I was in. I was young it was the exact thing I wanted to hear, but not Ivana, she gave me my ultimatum and I made my choice. Until now I haven’t seen or spoken to Ivana in almost four years. Seeing her again just felt right, she’s been here for three days and now I wake up and she’s gone. She came back long enough to trap me into her web just to leave again, she wanted to make sure she still had that grip on me. Fucking dammit. I roll over to my side and reach around on the floor with my fingertips waiting for the contact between my fingers and the cold glass I was searching for, I feel it and grasp the handle and pull it up to my chest, now in a sitting position I take off the lid and pull back two very long hard swallows of Jack. It sears the back of my throat and I can feel the disgusting feeling start to fade, Ivana is of the past, she’s a no one compared to who I am now, yea she has a nice pussy I would be stupid not to fuck her.


My confidence starts to build up again as I take another long hit from the bottle and push myself up out of bed. The thin sheet falls off of my body instantly and I can feel the full blast from the fan now as my nipples harden under my t-shirt. I can smell her sex on me still , so quickly without hesitation I pull the shirt off over my head and shake her out of my mind literally, I use my phone as a flashlight and make my way towards the hallway to the bathroom. I tip toe pass the spare bedroom not knowing if Jason and Drew are still in there and step on something sharp in the process – God damn— are you fucking kidding me! It’s out of my mouth in a scream before I can prevent it and as if on cue Drew bust out of the room in half sleep stage wearing only his boxers. Shock is the only description I can pin to the expression he is wearing as he looks away and at the floor.


Ummm are you ok Roy, I heard you cry out .. just checking” he peeps though his hair at me then looks down again quickly and I have to smile at his attempt to be honorable. ” Yea thanks man, fucking stepped on something, go back to bed I’m fine. Seriously, thanks”. Without looking back I continue to walk to the bathroom and hear the door click behind me within seconds. Good kid, can’t help but think of how the situation would have turned out if he just stood there or better yet if he had followed me.  Good thing he didn’t, I’m in a horrible fucking mood.  I literally hop to the bathroom and lock the door behind me.  I bend over to examine my foot closely and don’t see anything, go figure. I hit the shower to wash the smell of her off of me and to shave every single part of my body that she touched. It was nice rendezvous, but a part of me is glad it’s over.


I turn my Nokia up on loud as one of my favorite songs start to play, and start mentally thinking about what I’m going to pack.

A new day Roy, Let’s fucking rock this shit.

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Big In Ghana Talent Hunt & Tour Set To Roll

Auditions for the BIG IN GHANA, the biggest talent hunt show in the country is all set to roll with its first audition kicking off on the 4th of August 2012 inside café De paris in the Western Region – Takoradi, 1 pm sharp.
Organizers of the event, Africa Unsigned together with Pidgen Music gave details about the upcoming auditions as: ‘we are on the verge of selecting raw music talents across the country to join the FOKN BOIS, Yaa Pono and Efya on the BIG IN GHANA tour slated for this August and make them the big stars they have always dreamt off.
They mentioned the other audition dates and venue as, 5th August / T.Havana C.9 – Tema, 11th August / Rexmar Hotel – Kumasi, 12th August / Apollo Theatre – Accra
FOKN BOIS, the main artistes behind this tour added their voice: “ We will not encourage miming because we want real musicians that can go anywhere in the world and blow audiences away with their raw talent.”
According to Organizers the winner who will be selected through SMS votes after the tour will get prize packages worth over 20,000, GHC worth of prizes, including a cash prize of 3,000, a recording deal, publishing deal, professional video, management and promotion.
The FOKN BOIS lamented that “If you have been looking for a manager or producer to help you bring your hit song out then don’t miss this chance. Bring your song and come audition at the Big in Ghana Talent Hunt at any of the audition venues. The big in Ghana talent hunt and tour is sponsored by Bavaria.
Get to know the audition date as it is closer to you now, join the train and start walking your way to fame and stardom.
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TOP 10 Secondary Schools In Ghana 2012

One of the best Senior Secondary Schools in Ghana. We aim at developing the 3H – Head, through teaching; Heart through worship and Hand, through hard work.
v  9.  St. Peter’s Secondary School, Nkwatia (PERSCO)
P.O.Box 17 Nkwatia – Eastern Region, Ghana
The school was founded in 1930 initially to train teachers. It is now a senior secondary school. There are about 1500 boys, aged between 12 and 19 years. It has 60 full-time and 6 part-time teachers along with about 80 non-teaching staff. The headmaster and his two assistants have direct oversight of the school’s administration.

(formerly Prince of Wales College and School, Achimota, now nicknamed Motown), is an elite and highly selective co-

English: School Crest of Achimota School, Ghana

 Achimota School, Ghana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

educational secondary school located at Achimota in Accra, Ghana.

This is Mfantsipim, the school whose history spells the very history of Ghana, especially in the area of the development of Secondary Education and the decolonization of Ghana.
It is a boys school with a population of about1300 students. The school has accommodation facilities for almost all the students. The students age ranges between 14 to 18 years. The school is highly competitive in the current upward trend of the country. It is well known for producing some of the brightest students and has a firm alumni base. (Quote from school website).
On a gentle hill to the north as one enters Accra by the Kaneshie-Mallam, a tall white tower beshadows the campus of Accra Academy.
As Adisadel College looks towards it’s 100th birthday in 2010 it is worth noting that this institution has not only made itself felt but actually contributed its share to the development and progress of the nation in diverse ways.
Over the years, the School has turned out into the world a steady stream of keen, capable young men, filled with

Adisadel College

Adisadel College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

enthusiasm and dedicated to the service of the country and of mankind – men who have contributed and continue to contribute their quota to the enrichment of the life of the nation, in practically all fields of human endeavour. This can be attributed to the life-long preparations given to it’s students through education.

founded in 1938. It was originally located at Odumase – Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was started as a secondary school for boys by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.
Aquinas senior high school was established on 15 January, 1952 at Osu Anahor a suburb of Accra Ghana.
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