POEM: Don’t Underestimate Me

Don’t underestimate me;
Don’t think that because I’m short and weak,
You can bring me down.

My soul is as strong as the furious sea can be.
My fist may not carry the strength of Cuchulain,
But the damage my whole being can cause,
Can be compared to the worst ancient battle.

My reflection is of a soft and delicate spring flower.
But inside of me, beats the heart of a warrior.

A beast that at any sign of danger,
Reveals its claws.

I can give you soft kisses;
I can care for you in my arms;
I can give you the world,
Or I eat you alive,
I can swallow you whole.

Don’t underestimate me;
I’m hot as LAVA;
I’m cold as ICE.

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Happy Moments

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
It sways to the left, right, and into my shallow hilarity.
I never laughed that way to such, there must be some magic to it.
And so, it waves here and there, and I, giggling from ear to ear.

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
I almost tumble and get lost in it with sheer delight,
Until I glance at you, and you’re beaming no where else but at me.
Has anyone told you that you look the cutest with that smile?

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
I turn to it again, yet I desire more glimpse of your face.
I peek at you once more and get an unfaltering effect.
What’s wrong with you? I think, but everything feels so goddamn right.

The Fountain is dancing to the beat and I watch it cheerfully.
It’s a spectacle, yes, yet something else steals my attention.
If only I can stare back at you and still get that same look,
God, I will do anything to make Father Time freeze the moment!

I remember the fountain danced and I watched it cheerfully.
Looking back, you might be grinning ‘cause I was too petty.
But, heck, who cares if for that I got extremely gratified,
I can insult my intelligence for more rounds of that.

And now…

The Fountain may dance once more and I can watch it cheerfully.
But you smiling right at my side may never happen again.
After the tears and hurtful words that ruined us and our trust,
‘least there are happy moments like this that I can cherish in mind.

Shot By A Silver Bullet

They arrived,
Skins; pale as the dying moon
Speech; slurred as the tranced Tsali’s

We were
Our claws retracted
Our growls turned to purrs
The humbled lion’s teeth, now harmless.

They arrived,
Their guns; rusty from idleness.
Their chambers unloaded; bullets astray.

We were
Our frowns; upside down
Our mood; servile and post coital.
Recovering from making love with cotton and silk.

They arrived,
Poised to overtake and control.
Gun chamber; loaded, soldiers; ready.

We were
Our thoughts towards them; guileless
Our guard; let down
Blinded by the silver and cotton.

They came
Guns down

We were
Shot off our golden thrones by silver bullets.

Open Instincts

dewy bud,
petals fragrant,
thorns soft, friendly.

claws retracted,
growl turned to purr
teeth harmless.

rusty with oblivion,
chamber unloaded,
bullet; Cupid’s arrow.

frown upside-down
mood; post-coital,
heartache free to enter.

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POEM: Love Lost II

My skin crawls

my face falls

my heart shrinks;

You’re at it again.


Your voice unheard

your tales unread

the laughs unshared;

You’re at it again.


Shame floods my being

darkness veils my world

doubts storm my heart;

You’re at it again.


I beg and haggle

coax and seduce;

How could you

be at it again?!


The eyes have bled,

the heart has cried,

the soul has echoed…



I am allergic to your sorry.

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[POEM] All I Wanted Was To Talk

Wandering alone one night,
Having lost a casual friend.
I walked into a strange new place,
Waiting for the night to end.

Was looking for a little chat,
For one to pass the time.
Escaping real world sameness,
Not knowing who I’d find.
My heart was on a different path,
One unknown to me.
Wrapped up tight inside my soul,
Needing love quite differently.
I wasn’t really seeing,
The other people there.
This wasn’t where I’d look,
To find someone to care.
I was looking for distraction,
To play the flirting game.
It was then that she kissed on me,
Nothing spoken and no name.
Now I’ve been kissed before,
By women wanting passion.
I would not call it sharing though,
Most lacking real compassion.
I thanked her then most openly,
For sharing something sweet.
Her quick reply changed the game,
My heart did skip a beat.
All I wanted was to talk,
Though my heart was needing more.
The loving that we shared from there,
Was like none I’d had before.
She sent me pretty pictures,
Her writing, and her scent.
I’ve never felt so filled,
With comfort and content.
We both were very married,
Attached to other lives.
Yet we longed for each other,
Where what’s missing came alive.
She’s not some hot replacement,
For the sharing that I’ve missed.
She’s my lonely lover,
Wanting held and softly kissed.
So very many times,
I reach out for the phone.
To tell her that I love her,
Not wanting her alone.
This passion that’s inside of me,
Makes me crazy for her touch.
How could one small kiss,
Consume me all this much?
I’m not given to take lightly,
The passions in my heart.
I want this woman near to me,
I never want to part.
My head spins with thoughts of her,
Makes it difficult to think.
Her scent engulfs my senses,
She’s my thirst…she’s my drink.
Together we make new colors,
Words cannot describe.
The pressures of our worlds,
That try to wipe aside.
Our colors red, white, blue, indigo will prevail,
Held in cracks and in creases.
She makes me feel complete – exploded,
In a million little pieces.


Dedicated To Shelle Asante @Yaa_Mama

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POEM – It’s Lonely Out Tonight

This poem was written by Gordon Kuhn at GordonWrites


It’s lonely out tonight

The stars are in their slow flight

The moon strolls indifferent by itself along

Above clouds that I think somehow belong

Within pictures in my mind so I might can recall

Who in the world I should or could call

Whose name I wrote somewhere on a wall

But they’ve all left and gone their way

And I ain’t even got the desire to try and pray

And don’t recall where I drew the picture

That my memory won’t pull up and that’s for sure

Yes, I feel it’s lonely out tonight

The stars are out in slow flight

The moon strolls itself along

And I know that I don’t belong

Where everyone thinks I do

But I’m a part of the few

And somehow, someway I lost the way

And know I’m not where I should stay

It’s surely lonely out tonight

So goddamned lonely out tonight

Been that way forever now it’s come to be right

With the knowin’ that came along

When the day was that I was strong

But foolish slipped and fell

And even thought in pain I could then yell

But now I’m alone and I can simply tell

That it’s lonely out tonight

And is the same in the day when it’s light

And I ain’t got no more strength to fight

While in no mood to close the door

For whatever there might not be the score

Of music I could share or even like

Yes, it’s lonely out tonight.

And I’m in a mood for a fight

Because I lost the pencil and the note

That told me how to stay remote

But it’s all such a goddamn joke

That the lights should all get a revoke

Before the morning bells stroke

And it’s lonely out tonight

And the trail is lost to my sight.                                August 9, 2012


And if anything I can relate to this in so many ways

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