One | Erotic Poetry

Looking into the past, present and future
I awaken the passion locked inside
Building up flames as I look into your eyes
And bringing forth all your wildest desires

Like a sweetened piece of ripened fruit
A bee is to honey and this erotic meeting of two bodies.

In my sexual wanton, I’m close to starvation
This is my new beginning now, you see
I want to absorb you, and savor your taste
Manifesting this heated passion and desire as lust

An animalistic passion in its unrivalled reign
With fluids running from their respective channels
There’s a pleasure in our thrust, terminating the pain
On full throttle, a blissfully savage beat without restrain

In and out, deeper, sexual moans and grunting sounds
A one on one match, loud cries with wild sighs surround
A seductive precision accompanying arching moans
Breathing together in no harmonious tones

An orgasmic arrival to griping and sucking sounds
Choked in your tight wetness, supported by the slap of your thighs
I’m releasing life’s liquid deep into your willingness
As we climb to heights, blossomed and bloomed.

A perfect moment, with two people in a passionate tune
Body, mind and soul now calmly rest, catching our breathe
Composed to lie next to each other, two bodies joined naked
As separate cores, not divided in souls; we started as two
Now we end as one.